Ready to Make a Difference?

This is your journey...

Making a difference to your own self awareness, helps with every aspect of your life and those around you.

Everybody is different, and Goldmind Diaries is a place for some new learnings, ideas and tools that are available across the world to help you on your own journey.

Many of us are taught the ways we live our life, but aren't taught the way to live our own life.

Many of us adore the Dalai Lama, and buddhist philosophies.
Are spiritual and believe in God.
What about the beautiful all encompassing energy that binds us all.

And swearing (unfortunately); there is nothing quite like a perfectly formed naughty word when you need to express yourself.
Every year I move my furniture around based on feng shui principles. I adore mediating.
I'm neither a cat nor a dog person. I love them equally (but, just saying, cats are less maintenance).

I love being a part of this beautiful crazy world, it's variety and this life that we all find ourselves in.

I believe in all these things.
I think there could be a right time and place for it all.

On my journey, to work out how to create and live the best life that I want, it encompasses many different things that make me feel whole.
And while it continues, I learn and learn and learn.

The more my internal life gets rock solid, the less the external life affects me.

And I get happier and stronger and more confident, more loving, more generous and man does life give back!
It's not always easy holding up the mirror, but I'm not alone in saying it's more than worth it!

For your learning I've linked in the following stunning Tedx Talk.
It gave me further affirmation to walk my own path and why it's so important not to compare, or judge yourself or others.

It showed me I'm on the right path. To be proud of that. Own it. Love it.
And, an easy way to watch out for those times when old habits might creep in and slap you around abit.

And in the gentlest of ways without compromise.
A reminder to continue to grow.

When you're finished have a look at 'The Beginning' to reveal the discovery of how, 'What not why' is so important (that is an absolute tongue twister).

Self Awareness is the best key to accepting the worse of ourselves to unlocking all the best bits.
It provides us with the tools to stop our brain from running on automatic.
And learning how to truly make it work for us in every aspect of our lives.
I hope you enjoy 💗

Master Shi Heng Yi – 5 Hindrances to Self-mastery | Shi Heng YI | TEDxVitosha

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