Turning that frown upside down...

Although I love my own relationship with who I call God. I'm not necessarily religious.
I refer to him also as the Holy Ghost, my angels, the light and this relationship for me is strong.
It builds me up, gives me a platform to release my fears, a source of joy and comfort. And every day that relationship, belief and faith gets stronger.

That doesn't stop me learning from (and loving) so many other types of beliefs, platforms, resources and tools.
In fact it makes me curious for more, because there are links and themes.
And when you're on this self discovery journey little bits and pieces help you feel more empowered.

And that is what Goldmind Diaries is about. Making our cray cray minds make sense.
Passing on some information that generally you have to seek to find. It shouldn't be that hard.

I would love a world where this stuff is taught in schools.
If you grew up being taught how to control your mind, your emotions you won't know any better. But those of us who look into ourselves for answers, know that this should be the way and somewhere along the line we've forgotten that.

It takes work to focus on the positives. Too not get caught up in a buzz that isn't yours.
To stop listening to that negative-helicopter-chitter-chatter side to us all, that just doesn't shut down.
And instead choose your thoughts, your reactions, your path. Whose around you, and whose not.

There's so many things out there. I know you'll find something if you choose to start looking.

Happy is a state of mind. And it's different for us all.

I hope what I've found helps xx

Resources & Tools

Dr Tasha Eurich

During my research Dr Tasha Eurich had the best tools and a great Tedx Talk on self awareness.
She has dedicated her resources to this subject and is definitely coined as the expert on the subject.
Her website is informative although leaning more towards helping leaders becoming more self aware.

She has a great self awareness quiz that I found fantastic. I asked my best friend to help me with it, and the results came back with awesome suggests on being more aware of the my impact on others, without making me feel like I was a horrible person/alien.


The quiz link: https://www.insight-book.com/quiz

Recent research results on self-awareness from Tasha:

Mindvalley & Gaia

These are two personal growth platforms aimed at different audiences.
They are really switched on with their marketing. I choose to ignore the content that isn't relevant to me. They heavily email but you can set this up to how you want to be communicated with now. Mindvalley have free masterclasses and then longer more intense programs you pay for.
Gaia is membership based, although there is a free trial period to review their content. Gaia doesn't market like Mindvalley does.

From their websites...

MINDVALLEY: The Worlds Best Personal Growth Programs. Be The Best. Learn From The Best.
Learn from the world’s leading thought leaders, authors, healers, and activists, all on the same mission - to raise human consciousness.

Their teachers are people like: Jim Kwik, Brain Performance Expert; Marissa Peer, UKs #1 therapist and RTT creator.
Its founded by Vishen Lakhiani, whose really a pioneer in this field and written some fantastic world reknown books. I am a HUGE fan of Christie Marie Sheldon, per program helped me smash many personal blocks/ceilings

GAIA: You're here for a reason. You know there’s more than the mainstream story you’ve been experiencing, something you’re not finding in your current paradigm, or in the media you’re consuming. Your intuition is right.
We’re dedicated to finding and creating informative and enlightening films, original shows, classes, and articles that aren’t available through mainstream media.

Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe has an amazing series on Gaia. But his website is brilliant and his products are all available online.
I can't praise this guy enough.
His meditations are amazing. His philosopy is incredible and resonates with massive truth.
I think he goes to some spiritual places that are intense. I would say he's in the middle of science and outside the mainstream. I'm a huge fan of the work that he does.
He has dedicated his life to the discovery of self. The testimonials from students are mindblowing.

Dr JOE DISPENZA: Change from the inside out.

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